Wanna win an iPod Shuffle?

Here’s the deal… I honestly have no idea how popular this blog really is. So I wanna see who actually tunes in. Feedburner says a LOT of you actually tune in but I seriously doubt that report. All that to say this is nothing more than a social experiment and I’m willing to give a Shuffle to one of you who actually show up here. Just comment and your entered. That’s it (I gotta have some way to pick, right?). Ok, I’ll give bonus points if you @iboughtamac with where you saw this and another point if you follow @whatablogger

Any better promo ideas? I figured we’d start with this…

Thanks for listening :)

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I am originally from Washington state. I moved to Phoenix in 1993 to go to school and recently moved back to Seattle. I like sitting at home, playing on my laptop, experimenting with new ideas, playing with various gadgets and watching movies.

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  1. Todd Austin says: December 29, 2009

    I visit every so often. End of year is always so busy. I do visit your iboughtamac.com site more often though.

    So enter me into your contest, Brent. Thanks.

  2. chris runoff says: December 30, 2009

    I’m subscribed to your RSS feed and follow the site via Google Reader.

  3. Jana Knapp says: December 30, 2009

    Happy New Year Brent!

  4. Andy Vitale says: December 31, 2009

    First time on here but we’re FB friends. I want to eat some of your delicious food and hopefully you will have a seminar in Florida one day soon.

    Oh yeah, and that iPod Shuffle would be sweet too.

  5. andrewkfromaz says: January 4, 2010

    i’d take a free shuffle! i follow you on twitter, saw the contest, and was intrigued.

  6. Wes Novack says: January 4, 2010

    In it to win it, for the shuffle!

  7. Free_Spirit55 says: January 4, 2010

    Hey hey! I saw the contest online thanks to @PaulValach . I’m a first time visitor and I’m really liking the content so far (although I’m not much of a mac nerd).

    Happy New year!

  8. Jake Mates says: January 4, 2010

    Entered! Just checked my RSS reader and saw this. I also follow you and @whatablogger on twitter (I’m @jakemates).

  9. Ted Byars says: January 5, 2010

    Dude, I check all of your web sites pretty often.


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