Google Apps Part 2 of 4: Calendar

Nearly equal to the power of Gmail for business is the Google Calendarr system. It has all of the great features of the desktop systems like shared calendars, free-busy schedules, invitations and scheduling options and much more. The added benefits are similar to Gmail as well. It’s browser based, can be shared or pulled up from just about anywhere, can sync with just about any mobile calendar system you may use on your mobile device, lets you create multiple calendars for different uses and even can send you email and SMS reminders for the things you have coming up.

Quick Add:
Through the quick add text box you can add events to your schedule with (nearly) standard english syntax. The formula to remember is “What, When, Who, Where” when typing in quick add commands.

SMS Integration
I particularly love the SMS integration as you not only will get invitations and reminders sent to your phone but you can also interact with your calendar through SMS. Just remember, you have to set your phone up in the settings BEFORE you can use any of the SMS features.

The magic number: 48368
This is the short code Google uses to communicate with you. Once you have set up your phone for SMS messaging in the calendar settings (mobile provider SMS charges may apply depending on your mobile service package). Text any of the following codes to

  • help: If you ever forget this info, you can get it quick by texting “help” to that magic number and you will get 3 short messages with some tips
  • next: will return your next appointment information
  • day: returns today’s schedule
  • nday: returns tomorrow’s schedule

But wait there’s more! You can also use the Quick Add rules to add items to your calendar through SMS. How cool is that?

Shared/Public Calendars
A shared calendar is a calendar that multiple people can see, change, add or edit events on. These are great for long term projects with groups inside your organization. Public calendars are a way to publish your calendar information to a web address that is visible to all.

As you can probably imagine, all this virtually hosted information and service makes it so much easier for you and your crew to connect with each other and the world from no matter where they are. Via the web, mobile devices and phones they can connect, collaborate and communicate with ease and simplicity.

Enclosures: M4V, MP3

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