So you want to be a designer?

I get asked all the time about design stuff and how to improve one’s self as a designer. I don’t claim to be a GREAT designer but I do love to learn new things all the time. If you are interested in seeing some of what I do to grow my skills, here’s a couple resources that I suggest:

First! if you want to be a good designer, you have to understand typography. This book is BEYOND ESSENTIAL!!!

Then, when you understand that, add this to your repertoire.

Also… I bookmark & share a LOT of design stuff, if you are interested in that. Use some sort of reader software and subscribe to design blogs. It’s well worth it! Here’s my link feeds:

My Shared Items
My Delicious Feed

Last but not least… ALWAYS BE LEARNING!!!

About the Author

I am originally from Washington state. I moved to Phoenix in 1993 to go to school and recently moved back to Seattle. I like sitting at home, playing on my laptop, experimenting with new ideas, playing with various gadgets and watching movies.

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  1. drew says: March 10, 2010

    Thanks for the recommendations and all the helpful links. I’ve subscribed.


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