The Chronicles: Chapter 1

Many of you know that I’m a “work from home” kind of guy. I have done so for the majority of the last 15 years in some way, shape or form. In my search for new ventures and ideas, I’ve run into a lot of chatter these days about how to do something “from home” … like what I do.

But first let me do something I always do. I’ll start this off with a MEGA disclaimer:

This is blogging: Spew your soul out on the Internet. Love it, hate it… It’s just me.

I am not, by any means of any stretch of the imagination, a guru, expert, wizard or anything anyone would consider something to live their life by. I’m just a guy living like the rest of us all, trying to make sense of the weirdness of our current times. This is my story and maybe it will help you… or maybe not. :)

It was 1998 and I had just spent a year in the Bay Area cutting my teeth in the design business. I decided to come back to Phoenix, AZ to start a design shop with the contacts I had developed over the previous 5 years. This seemed like a good idea. Actually, it was really the ONLY idea!

So, I’m here in PHX in the late 90′s and the only thing I have to my name is an unpaid truck and a bed of toys that I had collected over the years. Only thing, there wasn’t a computer in there and this was 1998. It was the big birth of the Internet – the very industry I was trying to dive into. One would have said, “What the HECK are you doing?” And I would have said, “Huh?” :)

Good fortune landed in my lap. My girlfriend, Michelle lived in PHX (another reason for moving there) and she said to me, “You should start your own business. What would it take to do that?”

“Funny you should ask,” I replied, “It’s $15 for a license, $5 for gas, and $10 to open up the business bank account.” Apparently, she was doing about $40 better off than I was at the time and she offered to fund the entire $30 adventure. I accepted.

We drove to downtown Phoenix together and 20 minutes later, I had a business license!

I’m just getting started. Ask me questions, I’ll reply, maybe even in the next chapter. :)

About the Author

I am originally from Washington state. I moved to Phoenix in 1993 to go to school and recently moved back to Seattle. I like sitting at home, playing on my laptop, experimenting with new ideas, playing with various gadgets and watching movies.

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